NONOX Ltd: emulsion fuel with no surfactants
The Nonox emulsion combustion unit (ECU) is a complete emulsion fuel system containing the mixing chamber and fuel/water proportioning controls. The ECU can be switched back and forth between emulsion and straight fuel at the flick of a single switch. In most installations, the ECU is wired into your startup / shut down sequencing such that there is no human intervention needed to operate the unit.

The Core: The ECU Emulsion Reactor
The Nonox proprietary cavitation reactor chamber contains no moving parts and delivers an extremely even dispersion of correctly sized water particles though out the emulsion.

The Delivery System: Metering and Proportioning
The delivery system provides fuel/water ratios and delivery pressure, calibrated to interface seamlessly with your existing fuel system. The ECU operates flawlessly at all engine speeds and loads, and accommodates multiple fuel types including light oil, heavy oil, bunker fuel and is capable of producing a Coal-Oil-Water Emulsion as a direct replacement for residual oils.

How Nonox technology increases your bottom line

  • Increased fuel efficiency translates directly to lower fuel costs.
  • In many cases, the need for costly exhaust side emissions control equipment is not required for compliance.
  • The Nonox ECU reduces particulate emissions 60% to 90% at the source, such that exhaust side maintenance is reduced and may likely obviate the need for more expensive treatment systems.

Patent No: US 7,934,474 B2
Devices, methods and system for combustion of an intimate emulsion of water-in-fuel without the use of chemical additives in order to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy with little or no engine or boiler de-rating or modifications.

Apparatus and method for producing, combusting, storing and reducing viscosity of a fuel comprised of water and oil or other hydrocarbons, which is constituted as an emulsion without the need for chemical stabilizers by exposure to constant cavitation.
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Patent No: US 7,930,998 B2
A water-in-fuel emulsion system comprises a reactor device, a fuel intake connected to said reactor device, a water intake connected to said reactor device, a pump connected to said reactor device, and a circulating emulsion reprocessing inline loop connected to said pump and feeding a load as needed in real time, wherein said reactor device comprises a non-vibrating anvil shaped to create cavitation sufficient to emulsify water-in-fuel from said water intake and said fuel intake.
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Before and After the Nonox Emulsion Fuel System Installation
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