NONOX Ltd: emulsion fuel with no surfactants

Marine Emulsion Fuel Systems

Marine Emulsion Combustion Unit (ECU)

With flow ratings ranging from 25 GPH to 2000 GPH and upward, Nonox marine emulsion combustion units can significantly reduce fuel consumption while helping to bring your ships into compliance with MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI, the U.S. Clean Air Act, the E.U. Emissions Standards, and the Asian Standards.

Nonox enables you to reduce fuel consumption and cut pollution concurrent with maintaining maximum power.

Greatly reduce soot and carbon problems associated with slow steaming

Enhance performance of the turbochargers and economizers

Potential lower port fees due to significant emissions reductions

Better atomization of fuel resulting in decreased consumption

Greatly reduce work load for scrubbers and post combustion devices

Nonox emulsion combustion units install in your engine room requiring no modifications to your engines or generators, needing only a power source, and a potable water source up to 20% of your hourly burn rate. In most cases, installation can be accomplished with little or no downtime.

Fuel Types
Diesel (#2 - 6)
Heavy Fuel Oil ( Bunker C )

Pollution Reduction
NOx - Typically 25% to 50%
PM - Typically 60% to 90%
CO2 - Typically 5% to 15%

Fuel Consumption Reduction
Typically 5% to 15%

Flow Ratings
Systems scale from 25 GPH to 2000GPH and upward.

Performance Example
Vessel: M/V Swift Resolute 132,000 DWT bulk carrier
Engine: 15,800 HP Mitsui 6l8OGFCA

"The reduction of fuel consumption per day (with ECU emulsifier) is amounting to, as per Em flow meter = 1.77 MT. When the ship is running on emulsion fuel in warm water she is able to increase RPM due to reduced exhaust temperature." Capt. Vijay Kumar

2 Cycle
4 Cycle
High, Medium & Slow Speed

Nonox Emulsion Fuel System for Marine
  • M 50/75
  • M 75/120
  • M 120/240
  • M 240/500
  • M 500/1000
  • M 1000/2000

Nonox Ltd., manufacturer and licensor of the Nonox emulsion combustion unit (ECU) real-time water-in-oil emulsion fuel system has implemented Nonox emulsion combustion units (ECU) aboard, the Wallenius Wilhelmsen M/V Tortugas and M/V Taiko.

The PCTC (Pure Car and Truck Carrier) MV Tortugas
M/V Tortugas is driven by a Mitsubishi-UE 7UEC60LSII engine at an impressive 19 knots and has also been equipped with the latest in environmentally sound technology designed to reduce emissions into the air and the sea.

The ConRo vessel M/V Taiko
The ConRo (Container and RoRo) vessel M/V Taiko is the first vessel in a series of 3 and she was delivered from Hyundai Heavy Industries, Korea in February 1984. The propulsion machinery is a MAN B&W 8 L90GB with an output of 26950 kW at 94 rpm

The MV Tarago is a new generation Mark IV RoRo ship
MV Tarago is a new generation Mark IV RoRo ship with a groundbreaking design. The Mark IV RoRo provides 35% more covered capacity for specialised RoRo cargo than the previous Mark III design. MV Tarago is a sister ship to MV Talisman, MV Tamesis and MV Tamerlane.

The main engine is a MAN B&W 8L70MC (MK5) marine diesel with constant pressure supercharging and maximum output of 28480 BHP/20960 KW. For the electrical power supply there are 5, 4-stroke MAN B&W Holeby Diesels units, 2 each 1710 BHP, 3 each 2280 BHP.

Having selected ships that are very well equipped for accurate monitoring, further significant emissions and fuel efficiencies are being discovered and achieved by the integration of Nonox Emulsion Fuel Systems which produce and consume a water-in-oil emulsion fuel in real-time affecting a cleaner more efficient burn.

"Since first installing the ECU on board Tortugas we are seeing positive trends with regards to reduced fuel oil consumption, cleaner inside engine, economizer and boiler and reduced NOx-emissions."

M/V Tortugas, M/V Taiko and M/V Tarago are owned by Wilh. Wilhelmsen and operated by a subsidiary, Wilhelmsen Line Car Carriers Ltd. in Southampton UK.
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